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Octavia and Christine were raised in separate states, facing life with obstacles to knock them off course. Instead of succumbing to those obstacles, they, each in their respective, environments decided that change was needed and some traditions must be destroyed. Christine and Octavia began a life of their own, breaking chains and creating new cycles.

Octavia is the founder and CEO of Reveal 2 Heal. They met through a mutual friend who saw their purpose individually and thought that together, they would make a dynamic team. Their friend was right! Both women carry the spirit of trust, dedication, and passion. Their goals complement one another's purpose in life, and that is to Revive, Repair, and Restructure families.


Meet the Team


There are three entities to your life: the past, the present, and the future. Each entity will determine who you are to become. If you allow Reveal 2 Heal to assist you on your journey to success, our special consultants could
  • Revive YOU by giving you new strength to stand on,
  • Repair YOU by helping you mend the brokenness within you, and
  • Restructure YOU by helping you organize your goals according to your life's purpose.

"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

Founder & CEO


Octavia worked in the social service field for over 15 years, she was a substance abuse counselor, a case manager for mothers in need and a family service worker for the foster care system in the state of New Jersey where she currently resides. In August 2017, she resigned from the State of New Jersey and continued her services as an educator at several colleges and universities. 


Octavia started the own company called Reveal to Heal Consulting Inc. in 2018, as a family serving families to shed light and put and end to cycles of  abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal, financial and spiritual), poverty and self-harm. 

Octavia has also excelled in an online talk show Let’s Talk where she has won two awards for the best talk show and talk show most viewed on Christian Vision Entertainment Network. She has written two books; an autobiography of her life titled Leaked Spilling Secrets of Trauma and Reveal 2 Heal Working from the Inside out.


Octavia is an advocate for victims of abuse in her community.  Her goal is to inform, strengthen and encourage individuals all over the world to take back their lives, spill their secrets of Trauma and begin living on Purpose. Living by her slogan Level Up Its Healing Time! 

Managing Partner


After obtaining her BA, Christine obtained employment with New Community Senior Housing in Newark, NJ. She was an Assistant Care Coordinator; before she decided to obtain her master’s degree in Social Work. She attended Rutgers University and focused her studies on mental health and older adults of color residing in urban cities. Christine also completed the Gerontology Fellowship program before finally earning her MSW.  It wasn’t easy for Christine to successfully accomplish her educational goals.


During her school year as a graduate, she was faced with various traumatic experiences. Her younger brother was gunned down on two separate occasions and suffered severe PTSD, her other required surgery and care for her cancer diagnosis while her stepfather began dialysis for kidney failure and suffered a heart attack. And if that wasn’t enough Christine was also a victim now overcomer of Domestic Violence.


With all she been through she continued to be an advocate not only for others but for herself. Upon her completion of MSW she immediately obtained her NJ State Social Work License. After several part-time employment opportunities providing direct counseling services, Christine obtained full time.

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